___________ SBDM 2018

Eighth International Symposium on Biology of Decision Making, Paris, France

Provisional program


Monday, May 21st - venue: Institut du Cerveau (ICM)  
Morning session (09h-11h)
Decision-making across species (chair: Mathias Pessiglione)  
09h00 - 9h35 Matthew Rushworth Temporal-frontal interactions in memory-guided decision making
09h40 - 10h15 Charlie Wilson Frontal oscillatory bursts underlie adaptive cognitive control in the monkey
10h20 - 10h55 Léon Tremblay The role of anterior Striatum to value-based decision making: The power of translational investigation between human and non-human primate.
  Coffee break (11h-11h30) Poster session (11h-13h00)  
  Lunch break (13h00-14h00)  
Afternoon session (14h00-17h45)
Constructing and deconstructing subjective value (chair: Lesley Fellows)  
14h00 - 14h35 Lesley Fellows Carving value at its joints: Insights from patients with prefrontal damage
14h40 - 15h15 Dana Small Gut feelings: Metabolic signals regulate food reward
15h20 - 15h55 Alizée Lopez-Persem Testing the core properties of the Brain Valuation System: an Intracranial EEG investigation
Coffee break (16h-16h30)  
16h30 - 17h05 Shinsuke Suzuki Food value computation in the human orbitofrontal cortex
17h10 - 17h45 David Smith Constructing Value: Understanding the Role of Corticostriatal Connectivity
Tuesday, May 22nd - venue: Institut du Cerveau (ICM)  
Morning session (9h-12h)
Moral decision-making (chair: Miriam Teschl)  
09h00 - 09h35 Lasana Harris Law on the brain: The role of the social cognition and deductive reasoning during legal decision-making
09h40 - 10h15 Julia Christensen  T.B.A.
Coffee break (10h15-10h45)  
10h45 - 11h15 Molly Crockett The Value of Moral Action
11h20 - 11h55 Drazen Prelec Self-signaling and the actor-critic model
  Poster session (12h-14h00)  
  Lunch break (13h00-14h00)  
Afternoon session (14h00-17h45)
Learning about the structure of the world to make decisions (chair: Chris Summerfield)  
14h00 - 14h35 Chris Summerfield Conceptual scaffolding for decision values
14h40 - 15h15 Brad Love Selective Attention for Dimensionality Reduction
15h20 - 15h55 Helen Barron Memory engrams as a basis for decision making
Coffee break (16h00-16h30)  
16h30 - 17h05 Zeb Kurth-Nelson Learning to experiment
17h10 - 17h45 David Badre Learning and transfer of working memory gating policies (Cortico-striatal mechanisms for cognitive control)
Wednesday, May 23rd - venue: Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS)  
Morning session (9h-12h45)
Development of decision-making (chair: Mehdi Khamassi)  
09h00 - 09h35 Monique Ernst Development of neural systems underlying changes in motivated behaviors across adolescence
09h40 - 10h15 Coralie Chevallier Social Cognition in harsh and unpredictable environments
10h20 - 10h55 Berna Güroglu Adolescent decision-making in the peer context
Coffee break (11h00-11h30)  
11h30 - 12h05 Iroise Dumontheil Enhancement of cognitive control in rewarding contexts in adolescence and adulthood
12h10 - 12h45 Wouter van den Bos Navigating Uncertainty in Adolescence
  Lunch break (13h00-14h00)  
Afternoon session (14h00-17h05)
Dealing with uncertainty: exploration and curiosity (chair: Kenji Doya)  
14h00 - 14h35 Alireza Soltani Learning and Decision Making in a Changing World
14h40 - 15h15 Rava da Silveira Various approaches to online inference — human behavior and theoretical models
15h20 - 15h55 Pierre-Yves Oudeyer Computational Theories of Curiosity-Driven Learning
Coffee break (16h00-16h30)  
16h30 - 17h05 Etienne Koechlin  T.B.A.





Confirmed speakers

David Badre (Brown University, USA)
Helen Barron (University of Oxford, UK)
Wouter van den Bos (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Germany)
Coralie Chevallier (Ecole Normale Supérieure / CNRS, France)
Julia Christensen (City University of London, UK)
Anne Collins (Berkeley University, USA) CANCELLED PARTICIPATION
Molly Crockett (Yale University, USA)
Iroise Dumontheil (Birkbeck University, UK)
Monique Ernst (NIH Bethesda, USA)
Lesley Fellows (McGill University / Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, Canada)
Berna Güroglu (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
Lasana Harris (University College London, UK)
Guy Kahane (University of Oxford, UK) CANCELLED PARTICIPATION
Etienne Koechlin (Ecole Normale Supérieure / CNRS / INSERM, France)
Zeb Kurth-Nelson (Google Deepmind / University College London, UK)
Alizée Lopez-Persem (University of Oxford, UK)
Brad Love (University College London, UK)
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer (INRIA, France)
Drazen Prelec (MIT, USA)
Matthew Rushworth (University of Oxford, UK)
Rava da Silveira (Ecole Normale Supérieure / CNRS, France)
Dana Small (Yale University, USA)
David Smith (Temple University, USA)
Alireza Soltani (Dartmouth University, USA)
Chris Summerfield (University of Oxford / Google Deepmind, UK)
Shinsuke Suzuki (Tohoku University, Japan)
Léon Tremblay (INSERM, France)
Charlie Wilson (INSERM, France)